Bravely Facing Depression as a Christian

Bravely Facing Depression as a Christian

Depression is a serious mental disorder that can affect anyone. From a Christian perspective, it is a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual disorder. Depression forces people to face experiences of hopelessness and meaninglessness no matter how strong one’s faith can be. In short, it affects people from all backgrounds, even Christians.

In the depth of depression, one might lose interest in everything around him or her. The joy once felt may instantly disappear. It would be hard to feel God’s presence in times of depression, and it’s easy to think that He is not listening to you and your cries for help. In effect, worship seems impossible to do.

To face depression, one must first try to restore meaning in one’s Christian life. If your life has meaning and purpose, it is possible to cope with the considerable difficulties that depression has imposed on your life. The spiritual faith in the context of organized religion can provide the channel for restoring one’s hope, meaning, and purpose through the power of liturgy and worship.

God’s Word, or liturgy, can help a depressed person relate and identify himself or herself with figures within scripture that can provide him or her with the template for making sense of his or her own situation. The act of reading scripture is as much an emotional or relational experience as a cognitive learning task, according to spiritual experts. You can start by joining our Christian Ministry in Wilmington, Delaware.

If you are depressed, never hesitate to ask for professional help. There are professionals that are trained to help you, and they are God’s instruments as well. You can get through this with God.

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