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What We Need to Surrender to God


In praise and worship, we lift our hearts to God. But it does not necessarily mean giving up everything for Him—all our hopes, fears, worries. Total surrender means to give up control of everything so He may take control of our lives and prepare us for His plans.

Here are some of the things that we can let go of and surrender to God:

  • Control
    This is the hardest thing to let go of in our lives. And without control, it makes us feel vulnerable, fragile, and easy to break. But if we surrender to Him, there is no need to worry, for He will surely direct our steps.
  • Worries
    Worrying too much can only bring negative effects in our lives and will only be detrimental to us. It affects all aspects of our lives—mind, body, and hearts, too. Worry is not a value-adding emotion and will only eat you away. If you surrender your worries to God at World Harvest Ministries in Delaware, you may feel yourself float in His favor.
  • Money
    The best hands to put your money into are in God’s hands. Letting Him take the reins of your finances will only bless you more than a hundred times over so you may become an instrument of blessing and be able to bless others, too.
  • Future
    Constantly worrying about the future robs us of the joy of living in the present. Entrusting our future to God can help you focus on what’s important today.

To help you in your journey, visit our Christian Ministry in Wilmington, Delaware. Our members will pray for you as you seek God’s will in your life and trust the plans He has for you.

Reach out to Nu ViZion World Harvest Ministries Int’l to learn more.

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