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Why You Should Open and Read the Bible

why-you-should-open-and-read-the-bibleMany people would buy a Bible but neglect reading it. Most of the time, they would keep the Bible as a closed book. However, the Bible proves to be essential in nurturing and strengthening our faith as it contains God’s words and truths so that we may live a life of humbleness and righteousness.

Here are some reasons why you should take the time to read the Bible:

  • It helps us know God’s will and return to His embrace with renewed minds and hearts.
  • It allows us to see our society and relationships in a different yet meaningful light.
  • It guides us on how to discover our next step, especially if we have worries and struggles.
  • It gives us answers to questions that only God can answer and explains how one can find the deepest satisfaction in life through His words.

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