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The Surprising Benefits of Prayers

the-surprising-benefits-of-prayersPrayer is the simplest and most effective way to communicate with God. It is more than the words that one utters. Rather, it is the amount of faith we inculcate in our prayers to Him. Whatever our prayers, He will answer them according to His will and perfect timing.

Prayer has many benefits, primarily when we communicate with Him from the bottom of our hearts. Here are some:

  • Prayer helps us build our relationship with God.
    It is an effective way of getting to know Him better, thereby bringing us closer to Him.
  • Prayer allows us to be ourselves in His presence.
    We become humble and surrender our hardened hearts to His graciousness.
  • Prayer helps us calm down and restore our peace.
    We can confide in Him our deepest worries, anxieties, and struggles that we cannot share with others.
  • Prayer is a way to worship Him in our own personal approach.

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