How to Add Family Prayer Time to Your Daily Routine


Prayer not only strengthens your relationship with God but also among family members. A family that prayers together can face problems head-on, reduce tensions in their relationships, and create a sense of family unity. Hence, it’s important to set aside a regular time each day for the whole family to pray together.

As a World Harvest Ministries in Delaware, wehave prepared tips on how to add family prayer time to your daily routine at home:

  • Start Small
    Before developing a worship or prayer habit, start small. Start with dedicating five minutes of your time to pray. You can do so before mealtime or before going to bed to steadily develop the habit until you can gradually increase the time spent each day.
  • Make it a Habit
    Once each family member starts to get used to the activity, incorporate prayer into your daily routine. This is easier to do when you incorporate family prayer into another family habit. You can initiate prayer before or after family meals or before attending Sunday Mass. You can also make it a habit to pray for loved ones who may need additional guidance and strength.
  • Let the Kids Lead
    Allowing your kids to lead the prayer will encourage them to engage more. This will provide a platform for your child to lead and express their inner thoughts. This promotes self-reflection and encourages them to pray on their own initiative.

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