Discouraging Materialism in Children


It’s only a matter of time before other kids, television, and influences raise their awareness that the material world exists. Parents, on the other hand, can begin with young children to discourage an overly materialistic perspective to life and instead focus on seeking God’s holiness.

Because your children look up to you, you are the best role model for assisting your child in coping with our complex material environment. Allow them to witness you behave with restraint and wisdom if you wish to discourage them from acquiring an excessive thirst for goods.

Advertising dominates our culture. Limit your child’s exposure to TV advertising, and they will be less likely to create a long wish list and become envious of what other children have. If there are upcoming holidays or birthdays, teach your child the value of empathy and giving rather than allowing them to expect a lot of presents and getting exactly what they want.

Demonstrate to your children the importance of giving to others. Bring him along when you go to visit a sick neighbor or to volunteer and give at a non-profit organization. This type of action can help to create an anti-materialistic attitude.

Try not to use things as a substitute for spending time with your child. Spend time with your children rather than money on them. Discouraging materialism at a young age can help your children grasp what it is to be joyful and worship the one true God rather than worldly stuff.

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