Why Is Reading the Bible Everyday Good for Everybody


For the Christian world, the Bible is the best and the most important book available to mankind. It contains the word of God. All the guidelines about life are found there. All we need to do is to find time in reading the Holy Scripture and know about God’s love and beautiful promises to those who believe and worship Him truly. Let’s look at the following reasons why reading the Bible is beneficial for us as recommended by the Christian churches such as the Christian Ministry in Wilmington, Delaware.

  • Learn about God’s will
    Although there is no specific verse in the Bible that could tell what professions we should take, whom to marry, where to live, etc., the verses provide clear insights on how we should go on in each part of our life. Christian churches such as World Harvest Ministries in Delaware often preach about God’s will and guidelines for our life.
  • Guides us in righteousness
    The Bible mentions the things which are righteous and that we should emulate. The unrighteous things are also mentioned for us to abhor and discard from our life. We can draw inspiration from the people of God in the Bible such as Daniel, David, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Peter, Noah, etc. on how they live their lives according to God’s ways.
  • Full of beautiful promises
    For the God-fearing, the Bible is full of wonderful promises especially prepared for those who believe and worship God wholeheartedly. Several Bible characters have proven that when God promises, it will surely be given or done.
  • Power to overcome temptations and sinful ways
    Once we have decided to follow God, the enemy will do everything to tempt us into succumbing to worldly pleasures and sinful acts. God’s Word gives us the power to resist these temptations and refrain from committing sins.

Nu ViZion World Harvest Ministries Int’l encourages everyone to read the Bible. You will find all the answers to all of your questions about life. We would like to invite you to attend Bible studies to better understand the Bible.

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