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Ways How to Deepen Our Christian Faith

ways-how-to-deepen-our-christian-faithAs a Christian Ministry in Wilmington, Delaware, we believe that the relationship we have with our creator and purpose-giver is the most significant one in our life. But our relationship still experiences highs and lows, just like any other. On certain days, we feel extremely close to Christ. On other days, it seems as though Christ is far away. But having a relationship with Christ will keep us going and give us the ability to live a life that is fulfilling even on bad days.

Nu ViZion World Harvest Ministries Int’l believes that growing your faith should be purposeful. It takes time and works to achieve, and neither of those things occurs overnight.

In World Harvest Ministries in Delaware, there are ways how to deepen your faith and relationship with Christ:

  • Know him by reading the bible
    Knowing someone is the only way to build a relationship with them. The entire life and teachings of Christ are recorded in the Bible. You could also read the Bible with a friend or group of friends.
  • Start praying consistently
    We must spend time communicating with and listening to God, just like what we are doing in any other relationship. We can always attempt praying through the psalms if we’re unsure of how to pray in our current stage of life is also another form of worship.
  • Expressing the love of God through obedience
    Even though obedience can occasionally be short-term difficult or inconvenient, we know that it is ultimately for the best. These are the rules that God has set for us out of love, to keep us safe, and to entice us to follow him.

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