Keep Up the Hope When Challenges Arise

Keep Up the Hope When Challenges Arise

As the pandemic places our lives into a pause, many of us are uncertain and hopeless. The prevailing health crisis has posed concerns on health risk, employment, sustenance, and future plans. Elsewhere, many are anxious and unclear about what the future holds. However, it is in these challenging times that we should remain steadfast in our worship and to continue to lay our hope in the Lord.

Many people in today’s generation put their hope in the wrong place – in wealth, career, relationship, or fame. But these are not a firm foundation to which we can build our lives. These things will fade, but God’s providence is everlasting. This challenging time has not only put a halt on our plans, but also places us in the right position to reassess our faith and renew our hope in the Lord. It is our desire at Nu ViZion World Harvest Ministries Int’l, a Christian ministry in Wilmington, Delaware, that people around the world will remain unwavering and hopeful in the God of hope.

When challenges arise, there’s no other right place where we can confidently place our hope but to God alone. If you put your hope in the Lord, this hope is an anchor for the soul, firm, and secure (Hebrews 6:19). As a World Harvest Ministries in Delaware, we steward the message that people need most in these challenging times, which is hope.

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