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Habits to Include in One’s Prayers


Talking to God can happen anytime and we can talk to Him about almost anything – which makes the experience amazing.

Worship can be executed differently by each individual. While we have our ways of communicating with Him, there are some basic elements to include in one’s prayers.

  • Gratitude– before anything else, recognizing all the good things that have happened before or are happening at the moment gets us to appreciate His blessings. We are reminded how our hardwork and His timing pay off. We become optimistic knowing His many blessings continue.
  • Repentance – acknowledging one’s mistakes and committing to a better future by asking for forgiveness and supplication. We are not perfect but we do not make this an excuse. Instead, we strive to become better. We are honest about our misgivings and sincerely put effort to become better.
  • Listening – prayers are not one-way communication. In His ways, he communicates to us. Let us ask for His will during these conversations and we can do this by silencing the voices in our heads. These voices are the ones that speak of doubt, worries, fears, and other intentions. Give a moment of silence to allow yourself to hear Him.

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